Money Mailer Los Angeles

Money Mailer delivers savings every day. Our Los Angeles money mailer coupons arrive by mail, are available online to print, or can be instantly accessed wherever you are through the Money Mailer coupons app for iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. We bring you different ways to save and let you choose which method fits your lifestyle best.

Our Mission:
We are dedicated to delivering local savings every day.

Quick video overview

Map of Mailing Areas

1) Southern California Regional Map:

Money Mailer envelopes are mailed to 18 million homes nationwide and 1.6 million homes in Southern CA every month

2) Map Of West LA Mailing Areas :

Money Mailer envelopes are mailed to 80,000 homes in West Los Angeles areas every month.

Shared Mail Envelope

  • Mail to 10,000 homes in each zone once a month.
  • Zone may consist of one or more zip codes/cities.
  • Mail to any number of zones of your choice nationwide.
  • Red, White & Blue iconic large size (5.5” x 8.5”) envelope.
  • Mailed via first class and delivered with bank/credit card/mortgage statements.
  • Higher visibility – about 70% open rate nationwide.

Online Coupons

  • increases your reach.
  • Gives your business online coupon distribution platform.
  • Your coupons can be searched, viewed & printed online.

Mobile Application

  • Free download for both iPhone & Android.
  • GPS driven location based app.
  • Enables consumers to find your offers wherever they are.
  • Redeemed directly from their cell phone.
  • No need to print & carry paper coupons to store.
  • In iPhone passbook, your ad will pop up when the cell phone is within 1,000 yards of your store.

SmartZone Targeting

Hyperlocal zoomed in map by radius for coverage & zone selection.

  • Provide full demographic data for each zone such as:
    • Average/Median income.
    • % of single family and multi-family dwelling units in each zone.
    • Age/Gender/Children/Pets in each zone.
  • Target high-income single family homes in each zone.

Call Tracking

  • Custom call tracking number – any area code.
  • Forwarded to your designated number.
  • All incoming calls recorded.
  • Your own user ID & password to listen to all incoming calls.
  • Run your reports by date range.
  • Measure effectiveness of your ad campaign.

Price of Money Mailer Services

All of the above services are included (shared mail envelope, online coupons, mobile app, SmartZone targeting, and call tracking) for just 2 to 4.5 cents per home or $200 to $450 per zone (consisting of 10,000 homes) per month based on the number of zones and length of mailing commitment.

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