Direct Mail Response Rate Statistics


  • Response rate with a house list: 3.7% (across all industries)
  • Response rate with a prospect list: 1% (across all industries)
  • Response rate for Mobile Ads: 0.2%
  • Response rate for Emails: 0.1%
  • Response rate for Social Media Ads: 0.1%
  • Response rate for Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads: 0.1%
  • Response rate for Display Ads Online: 0.02%
  • Return On Investment (ROI): 15% – 17% for Direct Mail
  • Return On Investment (ROI): 4% to 7% for Digital Ads

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  • EDDM is a USPS sponsored program that allows you to send your post card, brochure or menu directly to your potential customer’s mailbox.
  • EDDM can be directed to both business & residential addresses or only residential addresses, you can customize the carrier routes to your specific needs!
  • We handle the design, printing, postage, distribution and all USPS required paperwork and bundling for you!

    To make direct mail marketing easier, USPS introduced a program called Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) at lower postage rates to help more businesses to realize the importance and effectiveness of direct mail.

    Through this program, a business can choose a neighborhood where their target audience resides and have USPS carrier distribute their printed advertising materials to every address within that neighborhood while delivering mail for that day.

    With the Every Door Direct Mail program, you don’t need to know the names or addresses of the people you want to reach or spend money buying mail lists. All you need do is to decide the general area where you want your business message to reach and USPS’ Every Door Direct Mail program will handle the distribution for you.


    Under EDDM program, you can choose specific Carrier Routes where you’d like your advertising messages to be delivered. Once you choose a Carrier Route, USPS will deliver your mail to all residences or all residences and businesses in that Carrier Route. USPS provides some demographic data such as the income levels and age group of consumers in each Carrier Route. This might help you to select the specific Carrier Routes based on your customer profiles.

    Every Door Direct Mail is successfully used by all businesses to reach consumers in specific neighborhoods. Small, medium and large retailers and service professionals like coffee shops, auto dealers, restaurants, clothing stores, real estate firms, landscapers, attorneys, home improvement companies, health care professionals and internet-based businesses use EDDM to cost-effectively deliver their messages to their audience.

    Practically every type of business can use Every Door Direct Mail program to maximize their sales and increase their profits.


    Before you use Every Door Direct Mail, you need to get prepared. Here are the sequential steps to use EDDM program:

    1. First and foremost, create an account with USPS. You can visit to create an account.
    2. Next, define the delivery area you intend to reach. You can research and select the carrier routes for mailing at
    3. Learn EDDM size & measurement requirements to make sure your mail pieces qualify for lower EDDM postage rates.
    4. Design & print your post card, brochure, flyer or menu pieces that meets EDDM size & measurement requirements.
    5. Verify and confirm the delivery cost for your mail pieces from EDDM website.
    6. Then assemble, bundle, take care of EDDM requirements and deliver to USPS for distribution. You may have to bundle your mail in 100’s or 200’s per EDDM requirements along with the necessary paperwork completed for each bundle per EDDM requirements.
    7. Take the bundles to your primary post office to process your order and then you may have to deliver your bundles to different post offices depending on the carrier routes selected for delivery.

    As a business owner with limited time, it will save you time and money to use the services of direct mail marketing agencies like Click & Clear, Inc. to help you through this process while you just relax and wait for the results to roll in. By utilizing direct mail companies like Click & Clear, Inc., you can take advantage of their BMEU permits for lower postage rates as well.

    Finally, Every Door Direct Mail is a laudable program and you should exploit the opportunity as a business owner to boost your sales and outperform your competitors.