• As part of our ‘Digital Marketing Services’, we use email campaigns to create and send emails that drive traffic to your business.

We offer two types of Email Campaigns:

Targeted Email Campaign

  • Reach your existing customers and targeted prospects
  • We use your existing customers emails and buy targeted prospects email addresses from reliable sources
  • We design email templates and send only to your email list
  • We send a follow up email only to those who opened your email
  • We provide detailed reports of activity

Mass Email Campaign Per Zip Code:

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  • We have aggregated about 120 million opt-in emails from consumers throughout the United States and we can sort them by zip codes
  • We update our database monthly and we have the latest and up-to-date opt-in email database
  • We design & create HTML files and all your information, including logo & pictures, will show up on the body of your email and not sent as an attachment
  • Since the records are permission based, this database yields a high response rate and ROI for our clients
  • We will send about 10,000 emails per zip code as frequently as you like to the zip codes of your choice
  • We will provide a report of the number of emails clicked and send two additional emails to those who clicked as part of the same email campaign package & price.

Depending on the package that you choose, our email campaigns are blasted to your email list weekly. This gets vital information to your clients quickly and efficiently. If you already have an email list, then all you do is provide us the list and we do the rest. If you need a list for potential clients, we can order a list for you with the demographic criteria that you want to target. The list is a one-time purchase and you own that list forever.