We Are a Practical Ad Agency For Small & Medium Businesses

One Stop Shop For Advertising & Customer Communications

Click & Clear Communications is a boutique practical Ad Agency catering primarily to small & medium businesses. We are a ‘one stop shop’ for all your digital marketing, printing, promotions, advertising and customer communication needs.

We offer the following services:
  1. Digital Marketing:
    1. Website Design, Development & Maintenance
    2. Search Engine Optimization (Local & Organic SEO)
    3. Social Media Management & Advertising via Face Book & Instagram
    4. Reputation Management via SoTellUs Review Program similar to Yelp
    5. Email Campaigns
    6. Re-Targeting Ads
  2. Direct Mail Advertising: Targeted Mail & Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)
  3. Door Hanger Distribution
  4. Coupon Distribution via Money Mailer
  5. Grocery Store Advertising via Register Tapes
  6. Branded Merchandising: Your logo & name printed on a million items such as pens, coffee mugs, key chains, tote bags, t-shirts, hats et al.
  7. Printing: All types of printed material of business cards, postcards, flyers, menus, indoor & outdoor signs, banners, decals et al.

Click & Clear Communications works in a variety of ways to get more customers to your business! Learn more about our different services by exploring our website or contact us for further information!

Overview Of Click & Clear Communications

How can we help you to get more customers?

For most small & medium businesses, what are your options?

  1. Word of mouth is the most effective but has limited reach & takes time.
  2. TV & Radio are widespread & expensive and may not reach your local target audience.
  3. Billboards, bench, buses & train stations may work well for some and not for others.
  4. To get your name out, ‘Push’ oriented traditional customer acquisition strategies such as direct mail, coupons, door hangers, grocery stores, bench, bill board, newspapers & magazine advertising have proven to be very effective.
  5. Online, mobile and digital media is the best for ‘Search’ or ‘Pull’ oriented advertising where someone has already decided to buy a product or service and searching for the best price and company to buy from.
  6. Even if you’re listed on the first page of google search, what will make a prospective buyer to click on your name versus your competitors listed on that page? Research shows the highest clicked during online search is based on ‘familiarity’
  7. So, how do you make your local customers ‘familiar’ with who you are, what you do, your products, prices, sale items and discounts?
  8. Consumers are bombarded with advertising all around them every day. How do you catch their attention and make them remember you?


President & Owner

Vijay Chetty

Vijay founded Click & Clear Communications in Sept 2013. Vijay started as a Money Mailer franchise and then expanded to print advertising and digital marketing. Vijay has been in Marketing & Advertising for more than 20 years and his passion is to help businesses to get more customers and grow their business. Vijay came to USA from India in 1985 to pursue his second Masters. Vijay is a CPA and a CMA, ranked in the top 1% of the nation in CPA exam, grew up from staff accountant to an Audit Manager of a large local CPA firm in LA, became a Controller of $150 million Infomercial company, moved up the corporate ladder to CFO, COO, CMO and eventually was promoted as CEO of a software company. Vijay was Board of Director for 3 companies, Board of Director of ACP, published white papers, filed 6 patents, has raised $8 million for 3 different ventures and has been a speaker at many conferences. Vijay has been married for 28 years, his wife is a scientist and both his kids graduated from UC Berkeley. Vijay enjoys playing Tennis, hiking, roller-blading and loves to play poker with his friends while sipping his single malt scotch.

Partner & Owner

Michael Gross

  • Michael grew up in Maryland and began his first business at the age of 17. From there, his dedication and work ethic have made him a force to be reckoned with in the advertising world! Michael graduated from John Carroll University with a degree in Business Administration. After graduation, Michael started another business that helps small businesses with marketing and public relations. By 2011 Michael acquired several contracts with large Fortune 500 clients. He is thrilled to work with you and grow your business!
Graphic designer

Joel Davis

Joel grew up in Southern California and moved East to pursue a higher education. He finished his undergraduate school at Trinity College and graduate school at NYU before returning home to LA. He speaks both Spanish & Italian and has written two theatrical screen plays. He enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and their cat, Nox. For fun Joel enjoys long runs, 3D sculpting, and socio-political analysis!

Accounting associate

Clarisa Ramirez

Clarissa grew up in Naperville, a suburb west of Chicago Illinois. Straight out of high school Clarissa moved to Los Angeles to surround herself with more opportunities and adventures. She is currently working on her bachelor’s degree in business analytics. Her family in Los Angeles includes her and two spunky dogs.

Outside Sales Rep

Chantel Akrawi

Outside Sales Rep

Hannah Cusi

Hannah Cusi was born and raised in the Philippines. She graduated with a degree in Advertising Management, and followed that up by working in events and real estate. She moved to LA to do a Digital Marketing program in UCLA two years ago. She has 2 online retail businesses of her own.

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