We Are a Practical Ad Agency For Small & Medium Businesses

One Stop Shop For Advertising & Customer Communications

Click & Clear Communications is a practical Ad Agency catering primarily to small & medium businesses. We are a ‘one stop shop’ for all your digital marketing and print advertising needs.

We offer the following services:
  1. Digital Marketing:
    • Website Design, Development & Maintenance
    • Search Engine Optimization (Local & Organic SEO)
    • Pay Per Click: Google & Facebook
    • Email Campaigns
    • Re-Targeting Ads
  2. Direct Mail Advertising: Targeted Mail & Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)
  3. Door Hanger Distribution
  4. Coupon Distribution via Money Mailer
  5. Grocery Store Advertising via Register Tape

Click & Clear Communications works in a variety of ways to get more customers to your business! Learn more about our different services by exploring our website or contact us for further information!

Overview Of Click & Clear Communications

How can we help you to get more customers?

For most small & medium businesses, what are your options?

  1. Word of mouth is the most effective but has limited reach & takes time.
  2. TV & Radio are widespread & expensive and may not reach your local target audience.
  3. Billboards, bench, buses & train stations may work well for some and not for others.
  4. To get your name out, ‘Push’ oriented traditional customer acquisition strategies such as direct mail, coupons, door hangers, grocery stores, bench, bill board, newspapers & magazine advertising have proven to be very effective.
  5. Online, mobile and digital media is the best for ‘Search’ or ‘Pull’ oriented advertising where someone has already decided to buy a product or service and searching for the best price and company to buy from.
  6. Even if you’re listed on the first page of google search, what will make a prospective buyer to click on your name versus your competitors listed on that page? Research shows the highest clicked during online search is based on ‘familiarity’
  7. So, how do you make your local customers ‘familiar’ with who you are, what you do, your products, prices, sale items and discounts?
  8. Consumers are bombarded with advertising all around them every day. How do you catch their attention and make them remember you?



President & CEO, Click & Clear Communications

Vijay is the Founder, President & CEO of Click & Clear Communications, a full service Ad Agency that offers a wide range of digital marketing and print advertising products for small & medium businesses. Prior to Click & Clear Communications, Vijay was the President & CEO of ScanAps, an enterprise solution for coupon distribution, redemption & clearing for CPG (Consumer Product Goods) manufactures and Supermarkets.

Vijay was one of the founders of ScanAps and raised $8 million for the venture, built the team, software, strategic partnerships with US Bank, Unified Grocers (3,000 independent supermarkets) and major CPG Manufacturers. Vijay was CFO of an Infomercial Company with $150 million in sales. Vijay has published 6 patents, was one of the board of directors of ACP (Association of Coupon Professionals), speaker at many investor and industry conferences and published white papers.


Project Manager & Lead Designer, Click & Clear Communications

Johnny began his 25 year career in the Broadcast Television World, working for all the major players including CBS, ABC and Fox, right after high school. Much of his focus was in Broadcast News in a technical capacity as an Operations Engineer. Much of Johnny’s spare time was spent working with many Sports Broadcast companies including ESPN, Fox Sports and NBC, learning more about the marketing side of the television industry.

During a 5 year stint working for the Houston Astros and the world famous Houston Rodeo, Johnny honed his skills, to transition from operations to a career in marketing and design. His background in the high paced broadcast news industry, with the ever changing technology, prepared him well for the equally competitive and high paced Advertising & Marketing world.

“My project manager and lead designer role has many challenges. With the ever changing landscape of Google Algorithms, SEO and Social Media Management guidelines, new editing and marketing software and new social media marketing platforms, it’s a never ending grind to keep up with the competition”. Our technical team is always training on the latest technological advances in Marketing in order to provide a successful Marketing Strategy for our clients. Johnny provides valuable insight while coordinating all our marketing and design projects with our technical team.

Our Technical Team consists of our highly trained web developers, SEO specialists, designers and assistant project managers, ready to provide professional support and recommendations to a Marketing Strategy that we work with each client, to help develop.

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