Why It’s Still Smart To Have a Digital Marketing Strategy In 2020


The digital space is probably the fastest lane brands, consumers, and marketers will ever be on. Between the constantly changing technologies and the evolving trends, staying on top with a digital marketing strategy means being ready to switch gears at the drop of a hat.

Digital strategies are more than just a map for your brand’s progress. It’s the ultimate guide that will let you see the bigger picture. When the playing field adjusts, you know where you can still put players to win the game.

The Arena and The Players are Now Online

The extent of competition in the digital space has evolved into something far more complex and cut-throat. Except for some mom and pop stores, most brands already have a presence online. Staying ahead of them means two things. Your brand has an online presence, and you make sure to keep that updated and on-brand at all times.

With a digital marketing strategy, you will gain more footing in terms of understanding your audience, their preferences, and the proper engagement methods. This ensures that your brand will always be top of mind. There are many tools available for digital marketing, but it is imperative that you tap a professional who can create an overall profile of your brand, create an appropriate strategy, and oversee its overall execution.

It’s All About The Influencers

The majority of the last decade saw the rise, fall, rise, and plateau of influencers. Brands and customers seem to have a fluctuating relationship with influencers, yet they are never out of the picture. This is because, love them or hate them, the concept of influencing customers and brands is here to stay.

In fact, it has always been the main concept to begin with, only the power has shifted from brands-only approach to a community-driven feedback. Before, brands may have held the power because of the limited technology, but digital is such a big and free space, influencers have carved their own niches. 

The B2C community is dependent on influencers, and their network already has a lot of reach and pull on avid followers. What makes this pull stronger is that the feedback system is also here to stay. Your digital marketing strategy now involves two sides of the coin, brand and consumer, and influencers are playing on both fields. 

The takeaway for brands is to listen to their consumers and know how to make influencers on-brand and actively engaged. Forging trust between customers and brands are at an all-time high, and influencers can be your clincher when the odds waver. Strategizing behind how you utilize this part of your campaign is where all the work will go.

When Digital Should Still Mean Conversational

A big trend in 2020 is personalization and understandability. Most people assume that the digital space takes away the human touch of a brand. In reality, the merging of a conversational style and the different platforms and tools of the online trade can expand your brand’s reach.

Professional digital marketers understand that chatbots take over because of a need for interaction between customer and brand. By transforming some functions into a more conversational level, your brand will be able to reach more customers that respond emotionally and exclusively to your brand.

If you are looking to elevate your digital marketing strategy in 2020, the best way to do it would be to tap marketing services. Click & Clear specializes in the digital industry, with years of experiencing understanding branding and executing campaigns that make brand presence known online.

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