Search Engine Optimization

  • Having a fancy website is just the beginning of the journey. It’s become a necessity to have a creative & well-designed website. But, how useful is your website if none of your potential customers can find you? We’ll make sure you show up at the top of Google search & rankings.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ongoing process that increases the visibility of your website within the search engines. SEO is becoming a more fundamental element of online marketing. It is proven that 90% of all online traffic is coming from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. SEO should definitely be on your ‘to-do’ list whether you’re a small or large local, regional or international business with multiple locations. We will ensure your website shows up within the top few listings on the first page of google search.
  • In today’s digital world, since 90% of traffic comes from online search, every company wants to be ranked on the first page of all search engines. To be ranked on first page, search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing et al., have laid out a complex formula for ranking websites. Some of the factors used by search engines for ranking websites (in no particular order of importance) include:
    1. Age of your website
    2. Traffic for your website
    3. Alexa ranking of your website
    4. Is your website properly optimized for your keywords?
    5. Is your website mobile optimized?
    6. Is your website properly listed in all online directories?
    7. Does your website have lots of backlinks?
    8. Your online reviews in Google +, Yelp, SoTellUs etc.
    9. Your social media presence, content, likes & followers in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest etc.
    10. Articles published online
    11. Video publications online
Here’s What We Will Do To Ensure Your Website Will Be Ranked On First Page Of Search Engines:
  1. We will provide detailed analytics including traffic to your website, Alexa ranking etc.
  2. We will work with you to identify all the relevant ‘keywords’ used by your customers to find you online.
  3. We will give our estimate of how long it will take to rank your website on first page of search engines for each of those keywords
  4. We will work on one keyword (or as many keywords as you like) each month and do the following:
    1. Create a ‘Landing Page’ for each keyword
    2. Make sure your keywords are optimized in your website
    3. List your URL in applicable online directories
    4. Create lots of ‘Backlinks’ to your website
    5. Produce one Video each month and publish in YouTube, Vimeo and other online Video sites. We use professional videographers and voice over professionals to create your video. We can use male, female, American or British accents in producing your video.
    6. We publish one article each month in various online publications. We use professional writers to write articles for your keywords.
    7. We create one infographic for each key word.

All of the above will ensure you move up in ranking and show up on the first page of Google Local map and organic search listings!

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