Store Receipts


  • About 9,000 supermarkets in the program, including Kroger, Safeway & Albertsons
  • On an average, about 25,000 consumers visit their neighborhood supermarket 2.2 times per week
  • Your Ad will be hand delivered to about 25,000 customers in your neighborhood about 9 times per month
  • Your Ad will be printed about 1,000 to 3,000 times per day per store for just $8 to $20 per store per day, which is about ½ penny to 3/4th penny per Ad.
  • If your business is located within 2 mile radius of supermarket, register tapes is the least expensive and most effective way to drive impressions to your customers
  • Exclusivity is offered for most business categories
  • You can change your Ad every 3 months
  • Price ranges from $250 to $500 per store per month based on the volume/traffic of the supermarket, which is about ½ penny to 3/4th of penny per Ad.