• As part of our ‘Digital Marketing Services’, we create and send emails that drive traffic to your business.

We offer two types of Email Campaigns:

Targeted Email Campaign

  • Reach your existing customers and targeted prospects
  • We use your existing customers emails and buy targeted prospects email addresses from reliable sources
  • We design email templates and send only to your email list
  • We send a follow up email only to those who opened your email
  • We provide detailed reports of activity

Mass Email Campaign Per Zip Code:

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  • We have aggregated about 120 million opt-in emails from consumers throughout the United States and we can sort them by zip codes
  • We update our database monthly and we have the latest and up-to-date opt-in email database
  • We design & create HTML files and all your information, including logo & pictures, will show up on the body of your email and not sent as an attachment
  • Since the records are permission based, this database yields a high response rate and ROI for our clients
  • We will send about 10,000 emails per zip code as frequently as you like to the zip codes of your choice
  • We will provide a report of the number of emails clicked and send two additional emails to those who clicked as part of the same email campaign package & price.