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One Stop Shop For Advertising & Customer Communications

Click & Clear Communications is a boutique practical Ad Agency catering primarily to small & medium businesses. We are a ‘one stop shop’ for all your digital marketing, printing, promotions, advertising and customer communication needs.

We offer the following services:
  1. Digital Marketing:
    1. Website Design, Development & Maintenance
    2. Search Engine Optimization (Local & Organic SEO)
    3. Social Media Management & Advertising via Face Book & Instagram
    4. Reputation Management via SoTellUs Review Program similar to Yelp
    5. Email Campaigns
    6. Re-Targeting Ads
  2. Direct Mail Advertising: Targeted Mail & Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)
  3. Door Hanger Distribution
  4. Coupon Distribution via Money Mailer
  5. Grocery Store Advertising via Register Tapes
  6. Branded Merchandising: Your logo & name printed on a million items such as pens, coffee mugs, key chains, tote bags, t-shirts, hats et al.
  7. Printing: All types of printed material of business cards, postcards, flyers, menus, indoor & outdoor signs, banners, decals et al.

Click & Clear Communications works in a variety of ways to get more customers to your business! Learn more about our different services by exploring our website or contact us for further information!

Overview Of Click & Clear Communications

How can we help you to get more customers?

For most small & medium businesses, what are your options?

  1. Word of mouth is the most effective but has limited reach & takes time.
  2. TV & Radio are widespread & expensive and may not reach your local target audience.
  3. Billboards, bench, buses & train stations may work well for some and not for others.
  4. To get your name out, ‘Push’ oriented traditional customer acquisition strategies such as direct mail, coupons, door hangers, grocery stores, bench, bill board, newspapers & magazine advertising have proven to be very effective.
  5. Online, mobile and digital media is the best for ‘Search’ or ‘Pull’ oriented advertising where someone has already decided to buy a product or service and searching for the best price and company to buy from.
  6. Even if you’re listed on the first page of google search, what will make a prospective buyer to click on your name versus your competitors listed on that page? Research shows the highest clicked during online search is based on ‘familiarity’
  7. So, how do you make your local customers ‘familiar’ with who you are, what you do, your products, prices, sale items and discounts?
  8. Consumers are bombarded with advertising all around them every day. How do you catch their attention and make them remember you?



Vijay Chetty

Vijay has been in Marketing & Advertising for more than 20 years. Vijay founded Click & Clear Communications in Sept 2013. Vijay was the CEO of ScanAps, a startup software company where he raised $8M for the venture, CFO of Kent & Spiegel (Infomercial Company with $150 Million in sales), Audit Manager of a CPA firm with 100 CPA’s, filed six patents, served as Board of Director for ACP (Association of Coupon Professionals) and speaker at many Industry & Investor Conferences. Vijay is a well-rounded businessman with core strengths in Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Finance & General Management. Vijay is a highly motivated professional with a passion for helping businesses with a long term marketing strategy to grow their business. Vijay has been married for 26 years, his wife is a scientist, son graduated from Berkeley with Computer Science major and daughter is a junior at Berkeley. Vijay enjoys playing tennis, hiking, roller-blading and loves to play poker with his friends while sipping his single malt scotch.

Outside Sales Rep

Jacquie Lenick

A highly motivated and rapidly rising outside sales rep. Jacquie has been in outside sales for the past year selling VOIP systems and Advertising solutions. Graduated from Penn State University. Has done a variety of research projects and traveled internationally. Jacquie has been learning rapidly and is a great addition to our team.

Office Manager

Cindy Fernandez

Cindy is our go-to gal for everything in our office. Cindy wears multiple hats and is the liaison between our clients, strategic partners & vendors for order processing, artwork, accounting & coordinating various projects. Cindy has been in a variety of office management roles for the past 30 years in a variety of industries.


Bruno Pisano

LAV1 is owned by Bruno Pisano. LAV1 is one of our strategic business partners for digital marketing, specifically for websites & SEO. Bruno Pisano is an SEO expert, web developer, marketer and businessman. LAV1 has been in business for more than 20 years with lots of long term happy clients. See some of his client testimonials in ‘Testimonial’ section. Bruno was a professional soccer player, has a son, two dogs and a cat. Originally from Argentina, Bruno speaks fluent English, Italian & Spanish.

Money Mailer

We are a Franchisee for Money Mailer, an Independent Agent for Register Tapes, certified partner & re-seller for SoTellUs & Orange5, LLC, and a strategic business partner with LAV1. While we do a lot of work in-house, we are also a re-seller and we work with many strategic partners, graphic designers, web designers, web developers, freelancers, independent contractors and a variety of wholesale, national & local printers to get the job done at the lowest cost and best quality.

Register Tapes Unlimited, Inc

RTUI is a national organization with about 120 employees. RTUI is the national leader for printing coupons on the back of supermarket sales receipts. RTUI has about 9,000 supermarket in its program including Kroger, Safeway, Albertson, Food 4 Less and many more. As an Independent Agent for RTUI, we get complete sales, marketing, design and operational support from RTUI team.

So Tell Us

SoTellUs is a young and upcoming customer review program similar to Yelp, headquartered in Arizona and expanding rapidly. SoTellUs has a state of the art software for capturing video, audio & written customer testimonials from any mobile device (cell phones, I-pads etc.). SoTellUs software enables businesses to monitor, control & push only 4 & 5 star reviews to Google +, Facebook, Yelp and their own website seamlessly. As a certified partner & re-seller, we get deeply discounted reseller pricing, which we pass on to our clients. In addition, we get complete sales, marketing and operational support from SoTellUs team.

Orange5, LLC

Orange5 is a custom software solutions company that develops custom software across different platforms, including web applications using ASP.net, windows desktop apps for Office 365 integration and mobile applications using iOS, Windows and Android. Orange5 also has a ‘white label’ Facebook advertising program. As a certified partner & re-seller, we get deeply discounted reseller pricing, which we pass on to our clients. In addition, we get complete sales, marketing and operational support from Orange5 team.

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