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Click & Clear Communications is a digital marketing, customer reviews, direct mail advertising, coupon distribution, branded merchandising and a print company. From all your digital marketing needs (Websites, SEO, Social Media, Customer Reviews, Re-Targeting, Email Campaigns etc.) to direct mail advertising, coupon distribution, branded merchandising and printing needs, Click & Clear Communications works in a variety of ways to get more customers to your business. Learn more about our services on our website or get in touch with us via ‘Contact’ page for more information!


Your website is your primary sales tool to provide relevant information about your products & services to prospective customers

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Money Mailer

Money Mailer helps you deliver your coupons to your customers via regular mail, online and mobile app in a cost-effective manner.

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Branded Merchandise

Promotional items like t-shirts, hats, pens etc. with your logo given to your prospects, customers & vendors stay with them for a long time and keeps reminding them about your business

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Search Engine Optimization

While searching for a product or service, the vast majority of people select from the list of businesses shown on the first page of online search and very few go beyond the first page.

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Direct mail marketing has proven to be one of the most effective methods of advertising even in today’s digital world.

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Email Campaign

Whether you want to reach your existing or new customers, emails are a low-cost way to reach your targeted customers.

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Social Media Marketing

If you are struggling with social media strategy, management or advertising in Facebook or Instagram, we can help

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Door Hangers

Door Hangers ensure your prospective customers in specific local neighborhoods will see your messages

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Only 2 percent of customers who land in your website buy your product or service during their first visit. Re-Targeting enables you to re-engage with the remaining 98 percent.

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Customer Reviews

If you’re not happy with Yelp and tired of bad reviews from competitors and bad customers, we have the solution.

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Target Mail

Instead of mailing your direct mail to everyone, identifying and reaching only your prospective customers may be the right approach for many businesses

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Grocery StoreAdvertising

National and regional supermarkets spend millions of dollars in advertising and gives you the captive audience and an excellent platform to reach your local customers around them.

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Click & Clear Overview

What Makes Us Different

We are a boutique practical Ad Agency for small & medium businesses. We are a ‘one stop customer communication’ shop. We understand most small & medium businesses have limited budgets. We offer a range of advertising options. We don’t try to sell you one form of advertising over the other. We look at various advertising options (both digital & traditional media) suitable for your business category, evaluate the results experienced by similar businesses using those advertising channels, consider your budget, make recommendations based on what we think will work the best for you and execute it from start to finish.

We are part of your team

We will become part of your marketing team, take care of all your advertising needs and execute your project from start to finish to save you time & money. We will monitor your progress & ROI, give you monthly reports and recommendations to change, if necessary

Five-star support team

Our Support Forum is at your disposal at any time, 5 Star Assistance is offered within 48 hours

Experienced and knowledgeable team

a. Our founder was CEO of a startup company and has been in marketing and advertising for more than 20 years. Our management team, strategic partners, sales reps and support professionals are well trained and experienced in marketing & advertising.

Fully Integrated service

We will help you navigate through the fragmented advertising maze. Advertising is a ‘double-edged’ sword. There’s no reward without risks, but you can certainly take ‘calculated risks’.


We are ‘one stop shop’ for all your advertising and customer communication needs



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